water in the engine on 2005 Mercedes-Benz C230

my c230 is leaking water into the engine, i changed the oil cooler and head gesture but the problem still exist, my mechanic said we should change the engine!!!
i need your advice please.

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head bolts may be bad. did he pressure test cyl head for cracks?
no he didnt..
so what do u advice me to do as a first step now?
no need to change the whole engine right?
what kinda warranty did he give you?
if its head gasket problem he will repair it again..
but he is insisting that there might be a crack somewhere in the engine itself, so we need to change the whole engine!!!
i want to know from you, does it happen that there is a crack somewhere in the engine??
you most likely have a crack in cyl head that was overlooked by him. he is the mech and should have had it tested. it is stupid to pull the cyl and not have it his problem not yours
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Blown head gasket need to replace
i changed the head gasket and still facing the same problem, water in the engine!! the mechanic is saying there is a fracture in the engine (i dont know if that is true) and we need to change the whole engine.
you think the new head gasket is damaged or he didnt repair it in a good way???
If he actually change the head gasket did he install new head bolts? If he did put a new head bolts did he actually torque it down?

Did he resurfaced the head cylinder and clean the engine block surface?
If he did this all on procedure...
Then I would say you have a bad head cylinder could crack on the block!
Let me know
he did not change the head bolts, he kept the old ones and he torque them down, he also resurfaced the head cylinder and cleaned the engine block surface...
What do u think?