water in oil filler cap-water in crankcase ventaltion hose-steam out exhaust on 2003 Dodge Ram 2500

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When I take the oil filler cap off,there is water condensation there.The crankcase ventalation hose is full of water,at an idle-when accelerator is taped you can smell steam wth a cloud that disapates quickly...what is the problem please.2003 dodge 2500 4X4 gas
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Does the truck run ok? I have some important info concerning the 5.7 engine, there's a class suit against Chrysler concerning your engine.
The truck runs good,plenty of power.When idling it sounds like tapping comming from the lower end of engine(like tappits used to sound).It does not smoke going down the road and does not appear to use oil.I could not find any recalls on that engine,any info is welcome,thanks.