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1990 Honda Accord Question: Water getting into the trunk

I keep seeing water in the trunk after a rain. The carpet will be wet and you can see standing water in all th elow spots. The trunk seal looks to be good, any idea where the water is getting in? -
Answer 1
Its best to look for water leaks when the car is dry. Pull out the carpet, get in the trunk with a flashlight, get a friend to spray water from a garden hose around the circumference of the trunk lid, windscreen and tail lamps. Check closely the trunk seal. -
Answer 2
Check for possible corrosion from below. Check body seams for possible leaks. -
Answer 3
for me the rain is getting in through my back lights, I've heard you can get a new tail light assembly, but haven't done it myself. -
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Leaking gaskets around the tail lights can allow water entry into the tail light assembly. New gaskets should fix this concern.