Water dripping sound from behind dashboard on 2008 Nissan Altima

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Hi guys. Ill explain my problem once again.

If i turn the AC on for about 5-10 mins, I hear water dropping sound ... like TICK TICK TICK . Sounds like water is dropping on a plastic sheet or something. It sounds like if water drops are falling from your house water tap, just like that. Tick tick tick 5 second intervals.

If i dont turn on the AC, sound doesnt come at all.

I recently noticed there is no AC drained water under the car. So i suppose its staying inside.

Anyone knows how i can fix this problem? I checked under the car, i couldnt locate the drain pipe. Where is it for Nissan Altima 08 model?

There are no sign on the floor carpet or anything. No water signs on carpet but i keep hearing the drop sound.
(1) Answer
One day my wife pulled into the driveway and said ,can you hear that? I always hear this after I turn off the air sounds like a dripping sound.
Well, it wasn't dripping.
It's from the Expansion & contraction of the A/C evaporator that makes this noise.

Open up your refrigerator and turn the setting off.
Now open the freezer door and listen.