Water coming out the exhaust manifold what causing that on 1993 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

it happen as guick as you start it up

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Normal for some condensation to come from exhaust. Should stop after driving awhile!
it dose not stop .It run all the water out of the cooling system.
That is another story!! Cracked or warped cyl. head, head gasket leaking. Intake or gasket problem. Need combustion leak and compression test. Is it coming out of the manifold on the side of the engine if so which one passenger or driver side ? Or out of the tail pipe? If it is leaking up front then possible hose to heater or intake. See a mechanic and get it checked.
It coming out the manifold on the driver side.
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Yes mine is coming out of the drivers side manifold and blowing black soot and condensation out of the tailpipe