1992 BMW 325i Q&A

1992 BMW 325i Question: Water coming out of tailpipe

My bmw runs fine but I have alot of water coming out of the tailpipe.What could cause this to happen and how can I fix it.Thanks RW -
Answer 1
Water from the tailpipe is normal while the engine is warming up, but will eventually stop as the engine reached operating temperature. -
Comment 1
Bret I have ran the car for 4 hours and it is still coming out.I have no water in the oil no oil in the water very little white smoke everthing seems fine.Can a car put out that much water on its own? Thanks for the reply rog -
Comment 2
As long as the coolant level is OK and it's not dropping, it may just be normal. If everything is operating normally then I wouldn't worry about it. Heck, we are going to need some water out here come summer, just bottle it up and send it our way! -
Comment 3
You where 100% right I did more checks and found I was wrong thanks Bret.Rog -
Answer 2
Carefully monitor your temp gauge and note any additional water or antifreeze added. Write it on the radiator- next to the filler cap if you have to. You don't even want to think about tearing down a BMW for inspection or repair. If you have that Aluminum Engine, the whole lower block - not just the heads - you'll have a nightmare if one the bolts strip out while being REMOVED. Good luck! -