water collects on floor on front passenger side on 2005 Dodge Magnum

not a windshield leak. could be a clogged drain in compartment that houses cabin air filter ?

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Clean the AC drain! Check youtube, may find a video. Yep, just checked, there is something on youtube, check it out, i did not watch video but then i dont need too!
Would you know where the AC drain is on an Suzuki Sx4? I cleaned the air filter behind the glove compartment, but I do not see the AC drain.
Did you go to youtube and watch the video? All vehicles are pretty much the same for this fix. It's very simple!!
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Possible air conditioner evaporate drain could be restricted? Best practice is to have your normal service station perform a water leak down test. So that they can determine the source of your water intrusion before it cause major damage to any control module, CAN wiring issue & even battery drain issue.