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1999 Chevrolet Tahoe Question: washer fluid

windshield washer fluid does not come out. Motor is working, Wipers move. I think there is a kink in line but I need a diagram of how the lines are ran to follow. Please help -
Answer 1
I don't think you will find a diagram of the washer lines anywhere. You will have to follow the lines from the washer bottle, looking for problems as you go. -
Answer 2
i have followed the lines to the rear of the vehicle & see a dead end to the line, but no way to access the rear w/o going into the body. my concern is this the only way? -
Answer 3
The most common place for the washer line to kink would be in or around the area where it passes from the body to the end gate. The washer hose passes through the flexible rubber conduit at the upper right side of the end gate. Each end of the conduit can be remove quite easily and you can check the washer line as it enters and exits the conduit. -
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