2002 Saturn L300 Q&A

2002 Saturn L300 Question: was there a recall on the 2002 L300 engine oil cooler?

my car ran hot had a brown/yellowish color with and oily texture,was told by the mechanic that it needed a thermostat,then he told me there was a recall on that make and model for the engine oil cooler. In your reviews I do not see any thing about the engine oil cooler. I am a single mother and have been laid off. can not aford the 300.-400. dollars for the part that the mechanic said it cost. -
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There is a bulletin for a new type of sealant for the engine cooler. Its purpose is to seal up any leaks in this component. It is a factory bulletin number 02-T-37 date of issue 4-16-2003 I would look in to this, as the sealant will only cost a few dollars as opposed to $300-400. As for the pattern failures, Saturn vehicles have new ones every 2-3 months, so it is hard to keep up with them. I work on the Powertrain and Emission Controls on Saturn vehicles and see new issues each week, sorry to say. -
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Thank You! Could you please tell me where the engine oil cooler is located or is it just an engine cooler and is so what is the difference? -