warranty.My windshield wipers stopped working.Its a brand new mini van. on 2014 Kia Sedona

I took it to the dealer they pulled out the assembly and showed it to me .The arm to the motor was broke off the end by motor.They said something must have stopped the wipers from moving like ice or snow and the warranty would not cover it, and would be well over 300.00 to fix.I don't put my wipers on when its cover with snow or ice. Its been driven in bad weather snow and ice .It does not say in the warranty that it is not covered.It only says be causious when turning on wipers in snow which I am.I think I am being ripped off.Trying to go through corp.Can you help me.

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I myself have not seen one break there on it's own. It normally would be caused by something. You could use your comprehensive insurance to cover the repair.
Thanks .The part that broke is under hood it is not exposed outside .It was bent .Something made it bend maybe it was snow or freezing rain.Or a defect in the cheap material .Whatever the cause .I did not go out and grab the wiper while it was moving.I never heard of that happening on any car and I am 65.It should be covered .I thank you for your reply.
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