Vibration When Braking Due to Rotor Problem on Honda Pilot

The front brake rotors can warp and cause a vibration when braking. The rotors will need to be machined or in cases where they are worn to thin, replaced to correct this issue.

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Average mileage: 46,474 (8,000–205,000)
13 model years affected: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, more2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
274 people reported this problem
177 people shared problem details
2013 Honda Pilot30,000
Rotor problem on my 2013 Honda pilot at 8,000, 22,000 and now again at 30,000 miles. Rotors are warped and on braking from high speeds the front end shimmies. I got many excuses from Honda, everything from the way I'm driving to "yeah, honda knows about the problem, but hasn't put out any recall or notice"! I drove Chevy Tahoes for 13 years, never this issue. I'm in this Pilot for 2 years and have had the same problem 3 times!!!
Severe pulsating of front brakes. Rotors warped! Why can't Honda just admit that the rotors are defective!
2013 Honda Pilot18,400
Vibration at interstate speeds
2011 Honda Pilot26,000
Steering wheel shakes when breaking over 60mph
2006 Honda Pilot40,000
Problem was ignored by Honda. Brakes started pulsating at 35,000. I mostly drive local and I always keep my distance from other cars in front of me so I never brake hard, unless i'm doing a panic stop. These rotors are defective.
2010 Honda Pilot20,000
Was told this was from me braking to hard. I don't think so! More like cheap rotors. Car now has 40,000 miles and still driving with warped rotors - Honda would NOT replace.
2010 Honda Pilot22,389
Steering wheel shakes when breaking if going faster than 60mph. Had same problem with a 2005 Honda Odessey. Service said they needed to resuface the rotors. This worked on my van. Pilot is having this done now. Had to talk to service mgr to have the $140 waived. I have also had one wheel baring replaced and another is going out, but they say it is just tire noise. I tell them I will be back when it gets worse and you can replace it then. Dissapointed in this vehicle.
2011 Honda Pilot48,711
Warped rotors. $760 to repair.
2012 Honda Pilot35,245
I had an oil change and tire rotation at the dealership. After having those done, I felt a mild, intermittent vibration. One month later, the vibration is VERY noticeable.
2011 Honda Pilot11,000
Cut off on the freeway going 70+, hit the brakes pretty hard to avoid a collision. No ABS or skid. Ever since then, the vibration became noticeable around 65-75mph and later at lower speeds, getting worse by the day. My dealer turned the rotors at no charge, but like I suspected the vibration came back a few thousand miles later. This time the dealer replaced the rotors for me under warranty. 6,000 miles later I was cut-off on the freeway once again, but this time I didn't have to lay on the brakes quite as hard, sure enough, though, I noticed a faint pulsing at freeway speeds that weren't there the day before. It is, of course getting worse by the day. Only a matter of time before these rotors will have to be replaced as well.. Honda uses 250mm rotors that are obviously not thick enohg for the demands of normal SUV driving!
2012 Honda Pilot22,500
I had a problem a few hundred miles ago and my neighborhood mechanic pulled the front wheels and said my pads were more than half good. The problem shimmying continued and I just had a test ride with the Honda mechanic. He suspected warped rotors and said "we've been getting a lot of that lately". I have an appointment for tomorrow with the Honda dealership, and now I find all this info?
2011 Honda Pilot39,000
Steering wheel vibration / pulsing when braking at low speeds and highway speed. New tires at 37,000 miles, went back to shop 5 days later to have lug nuts re-torqued per their requirement. Not previously noticeable. Have not taken it to Honda for validation since we are over the factory warranty and this is not covered in extended warranty either.
2010 Honda Pilot71,000
Getting this fourth time. Got the rotors resurfaced and started seeing the same problem in 2000 miles. Disappointed by the Honda product and dealership.
2013 Honda Pilot11,500
First noticed vibration when braking at about 11,500 miles when exiting the highway. I will call Honda to make a warranty claim
2003 Honda Pilot112,000
Bad brake vibrations corrected with replaced rotors.
2003 Honda Pilot135,000
We have had absolutely no problems with this pilot except the rotors. They have just been replaced for the 4th time! The last time was after only 20,000 miles. What's strange is that the rotors have been replaced by different places each time. I believe the issue lies in the pilots themselves, not the rotors
2004 Honda Pilot73,000
Minor vibration from stearing wheel when breaking
Very noticable vibration when braking.
I need roters at 33,ooo
2004 Honda Pilot100,650
After changing break pads, and driving for a few months, the front end shimmy's badly at high speed while breaking. Almost uncontrollably. Still not diagnosed and not yet repaired.
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