Warped Front Brake Rotors Can Cause Steering Wheel to Shudder on Toyota Camry

As the size of the Camry vehicle gets ever larger, there is a tendency to warp the front rotors. This will be felt as a shudder in the steering wheel when braking. The front rotors can be remachined, if there is sufficient material left, otherwise the front rotors will need to be replaced. It is recommended to use factory quality rotors because cheap quality rotors warp very easily and tend to squeak and squeal.

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Average mileage: 66,193 (11,000–173,500)
11 model years affected: 1990, 1995, 1996, 1997, more1999, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
61 people reported this problem
35 people shared problem details
2010 Toyota Camry20,000
If going over 55 miles per hour and applying the brakes (normally, not fast or super slow) the steering wheel shakes. I found the Technical Service Bulletin about it that Toyota sent to their service departments. But Toyota would not accept this to be a recall or a warranty covered matter when I talked with them. They replaced brake pads and machined the rotors. They didn't charge me for the parts because I complained, but did charge for labor $186. So not sure if that was a good deal or not. Anyway, the problem stopped. But last week, at 33,500 miles I was going down a steep hill at 65 miles per hour and applied the brakes slowly and started to feel a slight shaking again. I hope this is not a recurring problem. I wish that enough people reported it and Toyota recalled the cars to fix why the rotors and pads where out so fast. I do not ride my brakes or slam them. I am an average normal driver.
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2010 Toyota Camry45,000
I have a 2010 Camry Le. At 45,000 my steering wheel was shaking, I had them resurfaced. Then at 60,000 my steering was shaking so I had to buy new rotors and pads. Now at 65k I hear a noise in the wheel and take it in and they say that my wheel bearing has welded itself onto the housing and I have to replace the bearing. So over this car! Shouldn't have this many problems on a 2010!
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2009 Toyota Camry55,000
Fourth time needing to replace rotors, brakes and pads :(
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2009 Toyota Camry31,000
When driveing on interstate highways, if I put on brakes to slow down, my steering wheel shudders. Not so often at in town speeds. Seems to have started about 30,000 miles and is getting worse.
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2010 Toyota Camry34,000
Moderate pressure on brake pedal at freeway speed: The steering jumps, sometimes out of my hands. First time was 34000 mi. The dealer milled the rotors and things were fine. Now at 53000 mi, it's happening again. Now, the dealer says the rotors are purple from overheating and therefore warped. Toyota says rotors aren't covered under any warranty, but rotors should last more than 20000 - 30000 miles. My '89 Camry, rotors replaced over 200000 miles.
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2011 Toyota Camry75,000
Driving at 50mph steering wheel shakes when slowing down. Replace back brakes and rotors still having the same problem will have front rotors replace.
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2009 Toyota Camry97,500
When I start to brake while upon stopping at a red light or stop sign, my steering wheel starts shaking doesn't happen every time but more than it should
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2011 Toyota Camry90,000
Had problem. Sold car to dealership. Dealership resurfaced rotats and replaced brake pads
2011 Toyota Camry117,000
I am getting what I would describe as a fairly severe shake or shimmy when applying my breaks going downhill. Recently drove over a mountain pass and noticed the shimmy when breaking downhill at 65-70 mph. This week driving in the mountains at much lower speeds, 35-45 mph the shimmy was again severe. This is the second time this has occurred. The first time we turned the rotors and replaced the pads (NAPA pads, won't do that again). Taking it to my long-time mechanic this morning to see what we should do. Will certainly replace pads with Toyota pads but beyond that I am not sure. No issue, other than the tapping of anti-lock brakes, on flat land braking.
I warped rotors often on numerous makes/models. When it came time to replace not just resurface the rotors, I decided to purchased cross drilled rotors. It seems to have fixed the warping since they cool off faster.
Every 10k-20k miles. The rotors warp easily. They do not dissipate the heat well. I have avoided washing my car think the hot/cold change would prevent this. It did not. I have since changed my rotors to the cross drilled style that I purchased online (not Toyota). It's been 30k miles and no issues so far....
It shudders when braking at high speed
2010 Toyota Camry56,500
Braking over 45mph would start shaking, had to rotate rotor $113.00
2007 Toyota Camry94,000
I have same issues and was sad to find out not under warranty. My brakes still have life but not the rotor. Have not fixed it yet .
2008 Toyota Camry65,000
2008 Toyota Camry LE: when pressing on brake pedal at freeway speed, the steering wheel shakes a lot.
1999 Toyota Camry85,000
My steering wheel shakes I have replaced the rotators twice
2011 Toyota Camry68,000
Car shudders when brakes applied at freeway speeds. Not sure how to proceed, should I get rotors reworked or replaced, or just get a new car. Have also had repeated problems with Navigation and electronics system, Toyota tried to get me to pay $1600.00 for new system, then offererd to split cost, after I still complained that I shouldnt have to pay for a 3 year old cars 2nd system they tried a hard reset and the error code told them to install a new sd card and it completely fixed the problem for nothing! But I felt they knew this option from start but just wanted money! Very dissatisfied with Nalley Roswell, Ga.
2009 Toyota Camry55,467
When braking on the highway, the steering wheel shakes. I have not fixed the problem yet.
2011 Toyota Camry66,000
Steering wheel shakes when braking.
1995 Toyota Camry161,000
heavy shake on steering wheel when braking. new brake pads and rebalance wheels did not fix the problem
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