warped brake rotors covered under warranty - email dbsawcw@joimail.com on 2007 Honda Accord

I have a 2007 Honda Accord with about 20,000 miles. Repair Pal indiates warped brake rotors are a commom problem. I am experiencing vibration In brake pedal and steering wheel when I brake esp from higher speed. I have had wheels balanced and alignment and still experience the vibration. Are warped brake rotors generally covered under Honda's 36000 bumper to bumper warranty and should I return to the dealership to have the work done?

by in Atlanta, GA on March 23, 2009
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ANSWER by on March 24, 2009
I don't think warped brake rotors or brake pads would be covered by Honda's warranty. It would be considered normal wear and tear. Personally I don't think the Accord "warps" brake rotors any more frequently than most other makes of car but if you drive in mountainous areas, tow a trailer, or driving habits could contribute to brake rotor warpage. Automatic cars also may warp rotors more frequently than a manual transmission car. A manual trans car you tend to shift down a gear , but in a auto trans car you apply the brakes to slow down!
ANSWER by on September 07, 2009
Rotors would not be covered.
COMMENT by on July 14, 2010
Very helpful...thanks!!

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