Warning sound on 1991 Honda Civic

My seat belt warining sound and light are now going off all the time. When I open the door and slam it it goes away for 1 minute, then comes back. I tried finding the fuse to stop the annoying beeping and I found it, ufortunitly it also controls the signal lights. How do I fix this or at least turn off the beeping sound until I can get to a shop.

by in Torrington, CT on July 29, 2009
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ANSWER by on September 11, 2009
These electrical problems cn be hard to diagnose, were you able to figure out what the problem was?
COMMENT by on September 11, 2009
No I have not found the problem.
COMMENT by on September 11, 2009
Sorry to hear it. I would suspect the electrical switch in the seat belt catch. Does this have the belt that attaches to the door?
COMMENT by on September 11, 2009
Yes! It's automatic. When you close the door and put it in gear it engages the shoulder belt. The lap belt is manual.
COMMENT by on September 11, 2009
There is a switch in both seat belt catches, these are what turn the light off. Judging by the temporary door slamming fix, I would start with checking the continuity of the latch switch on the door, use an ohm meter. With the belt latched, it should be 0-1 ohm, and infinite when the latch is not latched.
COMMENT by on September 11, 2009
The light does not bother me as much as the constant beeping
ANSWER by on November 05, 2009
I had the same problem with my 1991 Civic. I found out that Honda has a lifetime warranty on seat belts. The dealership fixed it free.
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