Warning Lights "Red lightning bolt" on 2003 Dodge Ram 2500

doing 65 MPH with cruise control on. Suddenly the cruise control shut off and "check engine light came on"
and then a "red lightning bolt" started flashing". I got off the Interstate and read manual and then shut engine off and waited ten minutes and when I started engine the "check engine light" was still on, but the red lightning bolt was not flashing or even on. I turned around and came back home. I took Dodge to garage and parked it. They later started truck and no warning lights
were on. What is going on?????? Help!!!

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I had a similar problem without the cruse on and the engine did not shut down. The engine light came on and the red lightening bolt warning turned on without flashing. I had access to a code reader the the result was P2175. This is a used pickup that I am looking to buy but probably will not now. I hope that this helps someone. The code reader also reported Throtal Actuator control system low air flow detector.