2004 Acura TSX Q&A

2004 Acura TSX Question: Warning Lights

My antilock brake, VSA and VSA activation lights all came on after idling in traffic for a long time on a hot day. It happened once before and went away. It's not now. The car drives fine. What is the problem? -
Answer 1
I just spent time looking around TSX, Acurazine and several other websites for automotive technicians and didn't see anything relevant to your problem. I don't see any recalls or service bulletins from Acura. I am afraid your going to have to bring it to a repair shop that preferably has experience with Acura to diagnose what is going on. -
Answer 2
Same thing happened to me yesterday, now this AM the transmission lever is stuck in park, won't budge. Still looking for info . .. . -
Answer 3
This happened to me on a warm day last week. Did you figure out what the problem is? -
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