warning lights on 2009 Toyota Camry

i just bought a 2009 camry LE it has 41000 miles . this light came on { (!) }is upsidedown, and i dont know what it means can someone tell me beacuse i am worried

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An exclamation mark sounds like something important. Ensure your handbrake is off. I am not familiar with the 2009 Camry warning lights but an explanation of the instrument warning light should be in your owners manual.
If you have not got a copy of the owners manual Toyota publish them on line at
Or call any Toyota dealer and ask them what the light signifies.
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Two things first, is that mileage correct? That is alot for a 09. 2nd. the exact light came on for me and I checked another website and it says that is a tire pressure light.
that symbol represents the tire pressure status