warning light on 1992 Plymouth Voyager

Ihave 193K miles on my van and the check engine light has come on. I can't see any issues, i.e. over heating, low oil, etc. Any clues???

by in Newark, CA on April 23, 2009
2 answers
ANSWER by on April 23, 2009
RepairPal has a good guide to the check engine light--what might be causing it and what you should do: http://repairpal.com/check-engine-light
ANSWER by on July 14, 2010
usually the light indicates something wrong with the emissions system (for example: a faulty oxogen sensor, or rarely a dead cat. converter)you can take your vehicle to an auto parts store they usually have a scan tool that they can hook up, it will give them a code and will tell you something like that. hope this helps
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