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1999 Saturn SL2 Question: want to know the sequence for bleeding the brakes

i put all new brakes on my car when i was done i had no brakes at all i tried to bleed them and that didnt work i was told that there is a sequence that i have to bleed them in i even put new rotors calapers master cylinder and rear wheel cylinders nothing has worked still no brakes would really like some help -
Answer 1
This is how you bled the brakes if you don't have ABS. If you have ABS then you will need a bidirectional scanner to bled the brakes. If more than one brake pipe is being bled, bleed in the following sequence: Right rear Left front Left rear Right front Check brake pedal feel for sponginess. If brake pedal exhibits this feel, repeat bleeding procedure until condition disappears. When bleeding procedure is completed on each wheel, check the reservoir fluid level. Fill as necessary. -
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thanks for the sequence to bleed them do i have to have the motor running when i bleed them -
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No you do not bleed the brakes with the engine running. Do you have Antilock Brakes on the car? -
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no i dont have antilock brakes thank god thanks for your help -