want start on 2007 Chrysler 300

saturday i went to store and got back in car to leave and turn ignition and car wouldn't start,everything worked,lights and radio and all guages worked and i tried to start again and wouldn't start but the 3rd time it started,so went to another store and got back in to leave,the car wouldn"t start again and finally started,so left and had to go gas,after filling car i got back in to leave the car wouldn't start again,everything was still working,while turning key it wasn't clicking or no type connection,waited for friend to pick me up and in mean time i keep trying but wasn"t getting anything,friend got there we tested battery voltage was good and when i got back in car i turn ignition one more time the car started and i shut it off and started again and i repeated 3 times and it started,so drove home and parked and shut off car and tried to restart but wouldn't start,still till this day want start,so what problem do i have,marlon

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Possibly something with your ignition switch lock cylinder...Did you ever get the problem figured out?
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Possible bad starter motor.
did you ever find out what the problem was? i have the same problem with mines.