want start on 1998 Dodge Intrepid

sombody please help me i have a 1998 intrepid that want start i change the fuel pump/spark plugs/tbs/check for codes no codes/ its not geting no fire to the spark plugs or injectors..some one please help me

by in Cincinnati, OH on December 03, 2009
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ANSWER by on December 03, 2009
This is going to require a diagnosis, and that cannot be achieved without repair information, equipment and diagnostic skills. Do you have a repair manual? If not, go to alldatadiy.com, but an online subscription ($26.00) and follow the troubleshooting instructions. Or take it to a shop and have it done professionally: http://repairpal.com/cincinnati-auto-repair
COMMENT by on December 03, 2009
COMMENT by on December 03, 2009
Is there a troubleshooting procedure for what to check if you are not getting spark at the plugs?
COMMENT by on December 08, 2009
COMMENT by on December 09, 2009
Thanks for the update! How did you determine that the crank sensor was the fault?
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