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Wade's Automotive Repair
June 17, 2015

We took our 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 truck to Wade to fix an issue with the front end due to the "death wobble". The initial repairs, we thought were done well, which included upper ball joints and steering stabilizer, except the front end alignment because the truck continued to pull to the right and shouldn't have. Shortly after getting the truck back, we hit a bump going down the road only to have the death wobble happen while our family was in the vehicle this time. We took it back to Wade, who said that I needed a dual steering stabilizer instead of the original one he put on to fix the problem. I picked the truck up AGAIN, and yet AGAIN, hit a bump and have the death wobble. I take it back to Wade, AGAIN, he then says that because I have a 2" leveling kit (not a lift kit, a leveling kit) that I now need an adjustable track bar. He charged me for the part only, so he said (but later I find out he doubled the price of the bar to make money). The day I picked the truck up, all it did was pop and shook. I took it back to Wade and there were several loose bolts and the track bar was barely hanging on. They tightened the bolts and sent me on my way. Long story short, this didn't work!!! I had the same problem with the wobble. I then did my own research and took it to another shop that specializes in diesel trucks. They said Wade not only put on the incorrect track bar that is too small, but he did not adjust the bar to compensate for the leveling kit. I called wade and was no happy. He begged me to bring the truck back to him....so I did for one last time! He replaced some blown bushings on the bar that had already gone bad and did another front end alignment. Of course, same result. I then on my own purchased a kit online that the new Dodge Rams have on them that braces the steering rod that runs into the track bar. Wade offered to put it on for free due to the truck still not being fixed. I then informed Wade that if this does not work, I wanted my money back on the bar he had me buy that wasn't working so I could go elsewhere. He agreed, but said he just knew this would fix the problem. I picked my truck up a week later, only to that next day, pull into a parking spot at work and here a loud "pop" like a gun shot. I get out of the truck, and the track bar is in pieces on the ground hanging from the truck. I called Wade furious!! I told him I was done and wanted my money back. He cussed me and said he would only do repairs on the truck, not money back and hung up. I had to pay a wrecker to pick up my truck and tow it to another service center that cost me another $500 to have fixed with a new track bar (that was the correct one and actually fixed the truck). I have filed with the BBB and consumer affairs to try and regain the $440 the faulty track bar Wade put on, but he is still refusing to do so. Unless you have no value for your life or the life of your family, do not use this mechanic!!! He does faulty work and won't back it up!!

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