VW Jetta TDI-Cost, parts and labor for a drivers side door wiring harness? on 2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Drivers side door controls suddenly stopped responding for windows, automatic door locks, trunk release, fuel door remote etc. The shop tells me I have several broken wires in the wiring harness which needs to be replaced. The estimate parts, labor, & tax etc. at $625. Is this a reasonable cost for this repair and this area?

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Usually wires break at the "bendy" part of the harness where it goes through the door hinge area. We have disassembled harnesses and fixed them by running a continuous wire through bend (never do repairs in the middle of the bend) and have had good success. The only issue is that the remaining "unbroken" wires are prone to break in the future so it may not end up being a big money saver if it keeps happening. I could see a partial repair like this being less than half of the harness repair cost.