Vue Hybrid engine stopping/restarting itself on 2007 Saturn Vue

Less than 1 year old, my Vue greenline engine began stopping and restarting itself. After three times in for service, found the hybrid batteries were corroded. Replaced batteries, but engine starting to stop/restart itself again, even after service replaced fuel injector just last week (1/29/09). Vue is presently in shop again! Any thoughts as I'm having panic attacks driving this lemon.

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I would ask for a buy back. It sounds like you vehicle has some serious realiabilty and safety issues ( corroded hybrid batteries are nothing to mess with as the gases can be very toxic and if they are being over charged and gassing, which will lead to corrosion, then they could burst! ) Most other Hybrid battery systems last for at least 10 years or 150,000 miles with out any issues. There is a 2001 Prius where I work that has over 140,000 and runs like new. The batteries are all original. No problems at all so far.