VTM 4 light on 2005 Honda Pilot

The VTM4 light comes on once in awhile. Why? It's all wheel drive, and this light should only come on after you shift to low gear, and push VTM button. It doesnt run or handle differntly, I'm guessing EGR valve? Any suggestions? Are repairs fairly simple or should I let a shop deal with it. Thanks

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you need to read diag codes and posssibly let your mech ck it out
ok..chk eng light has been on and off for some time. Obviously you unhook battery and your good. it always comes back on never runs differant. The VTM is new. Pilot does have 160,000 miles on it. Advanced Auto should be able to run the codes, correct. Hopefully it's something I can fix myself. Thanks
auto zone may not be able to get those codes with there scanner and the codes will not clear by unhooking the battery
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READ the OWNERS MANUAL. As you've found out by now guessing is expensive and can be frustrating as well.