VSC Track & VSC Off lights went on as well as Chk Engine on 2005 Toyota 4Runner

VSC Track & VSC Off lights went on as well as Chk Engine.
What is problem and solution?

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Don't be worried that because several warning lights are on that there are several problems. Many sensors are shared between the engine and transmission control, and the traction control and anti lock brake circuit. One sensor failure can cause several systems to fail, or appear to fail. A scan tool is needed to retrieve these codes in your car.It could be one of many things but you need to have the codes first to start investigating the problem.
Thanks Patrick.
The code reads P1445. I had it diagnosed again and lights went out and car is riding normal. I've read many a scare story regarding case and cost, and actually bought the sensor cited, only to find out that there are two or 3 of them and all look the same. I have not installed yet as don't know which one is failing, if any. When I called Toyota, they try and be helpful, but in the end, same back and forth with different techs.