VSC TRAC warning light on curvy roads and high speed on 2001 Toyota 4Runner

I have been having a problem with the TRAC warning light going on while driving around curves (ie. freeway onramps or connectors)and recently had two incidents where the car felt like it was stalling at speeds above 65. The front end of the car felt like it was stalling, losing control and struggling. Has anyone here had this problem? Was it expensive to repair?

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If you have a 'TRAC' light coming on, then you will have at least one code in your ABS computer, you will need to get that code and then trace down its cause. Could be a defective wheel speed sensor etc. And if the 'TRAC' system is not working, then you will have handling problems.
I have a 2001 Toyota 4Runner that gives an alarm and the light comes on when going up hill or down hill on a curve between 35 to 45 MPH, and some times locks up the front right wheel. I had a repair shop replace the front wheel speed sensors however that did resolve the issue. I took the truck to my local Toyota dealership to find out what was the problem. After 2 hrs of inspection to find the problem, the dealership couldn't find an answer. Now what ?