vsc trac & check engine lights are on on 2005 Toyota RAV4

my vsc trac & check engine lights are on my mechcanic says that my computer 4 the vsc trac need to be replace and the check engine light is my cat convertor needs to be replace it is making noise. my concern is more about the vsc trac is he right

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Hi Rich. This is definitely a difficult question to answer without having the vehicle present in the shop for testing. However, I can tell you that the computer systems on Toyota and Lexus vehicles do have an odd characteristic that causes the TRAC and VSC lights to come on in conjunction with the Check Engine Light. The fact that the TRAC and VSC lights are on does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with either the traction control system or the Vehicle Stability Control system. If there are no codes in the computer related to either of those systems, the TRAC and VSC lights will usually go out on their own once the problem that caused the Check Engine Light has been repaired. I would recommend asking your mechanic which codes are in the computer and if there are no codes related to the TRAC or VSC specifically, then proceed with the catalytic converter repair. Assuming that your mechanic has accurately diagnosed the problem with the catalytic converter, once it has been replaced, you will probably be all set. Also, depending on the miles on your vehicle, the catalytic converter may still be covered under warranty from Toyota. The warranty for emissions components is usually at least 8 years/80,000 miles and is sometimes can find out in your owner's manual or by calling Toyota. If you are looking for an accurate second opinion on both repairs that your mechanic is recommending, we are located in Uxbridge.
Great call, Advanced Auto! Thanks for the post.
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No one here can really tell if your mechanic is right -- unless we actually check your vehicle with you. Sorry to say that there is no obvious known issues to be aware of. You could get a second opinon local to you - here are some shops near by --

check the gas cap it needs to be tight
2004 rav4 check engine light on and vsc track light came on
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