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my engine when cold makes a tapping or rat a tat noise but once it warm noise seems to dissipate is this a lifter problem or perhaps a timing belt issue engine has 108k on it now. Need cost ballpark figure
Radio/CD player worked great yesterday on 1.5 hr drive home. This morning it comes on for about 3 seconds when powered up then keeps shutting off. Any coincidence, my park assist has also stopped working.
Key wont turn in ignition
I have 2005 Volvo 2.5 turbo , it's been stalling out, sometimes hard to start Today the words REDUCED ENGINE PERFORMANCE appeared on the dash message center ,so I took the car down to advance auto and the code PO7...
After my local repair shop changed te oil and replaced a broken dipstick, the message read out for mileage went from 16 to 13 in only a 4 mile maximum time. It does actually seem that the gas is flowing faster than us...
2005 XC90 front defroster just started blowing at about 50%. Took it to dealer who said there were not diag codes and it appeared to be working. It is not working, it takes about 20+ minutes to defrost the car - whe...
Is this a fuse or actual light that needs to be replaced? Anyone else with this problem?
I live at the coast in the middle of no were. Have any Idea how to get my car unlocked.????????????? This is the first time it has happened. I bought a new battery about a month ago.
Changed bulb and fuse but high beam and low beam lights are not working still. What else could be the problem? Blinker and side lights- orange work fine.
I need to replace the driver's side headlamp washer cover on a 2005 Volvo XC90. In checking the sprayer mechanism that the cover mounts to, I find that the plastic mounts on the mechanism are broken, so i ordered a ne...
where is it located and how difficult is it to replace?
I took my car in for an air conditioning problem,and the ECM was diagnosed as the problem. What other electrical components and features will be affected by a faulty ECM?