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good and smooth shifting,when I put the truck in reverse or drive it will not move at all. It makes a loud metal-grinding sound(louder in drive). I am wondering would that be a transfer case problem?
It has happened a lot especially when it is cold but now it is warmer and it won't come out all.
From a cold start I hear a somewhat pronounce mechanical clunking noise that seems to dissipate as the car is driven..and then no longer heard. It has been at Volvo dealer service for two days now and they are unsure...
This light has been on since I bought the car two weeks ago
Foot hard down on accelerator made no difference at all. Felt as if car was struck in second gear. Worrying. Happened to me when overtaking lorry and I just couldn't get past it. What could the problem be? No dia...
shift level button apparently is broken can;t move to Reverse or Park -- key is stuck in the ingition - is this a dealer only repair?
The rear seats will not fold flat in the 3rd row
does the 2.5l have same tranny problems as the 6 cyl
has anyone else experienced this? was this a recall at some point? it only has 66k miles.
Car runs fine on freeway, a bit sluggish but fine overall except at rolling idle--surges or stalls.
My blower motor and/or controller wasn't working (thanks overbys)and then it started once again. It still makes low sounds at start up like a fluttering of sorts that dicipates after a few seconds. Should I be concer...
I have a 2000 Toyota Sienna with only one key. This does have the alarm,etc. on it but I need another with or without the alarm stuff. I also have a Volvo 2004 xc90 with the same problem. This one has this bulky ke...
I have had a 2000 S80 with 87000 miles on it now going on 3 years and no real problems. The xc90 is real nice and despite the mileage (kind of high) I got it for a real bargain. I dont really want to pay for this now ...