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have a small leak somewhere around the turbo charge
My speedometer needle is showing much faster speed then what im actually driving for example if im driving 30mph it is showing 40/50mph which is worrying. I have been to a friend who is a fully trained mechanic who to...
changed the heads and cams now the timing is off, I need the spec to set the cams.
Replace heater core anti freeze is still leaking on the floor of the passenger back seat carpet is drenched. Don't know where it's coming from.
and speed sensor causing the speedometer to not work.and a huge vacum leak.
Are there any problems I should be looking for?
i've been told that it may be the Valve seal or torque seal leaking.I have no idea..Anyone ??
Whenever I refuel my V70, gas comes gushing up/spilling out, shutting off the pump and it does not matter much HOW I arrange it and which gas station I use. Will eventually work, sometimes after five, six tries and wa...
problems with ac shuting off and dont come back on, abs light coming on, check engine light on, just bought car from tenn trying to get it inspected but fails cant license it here
I am attempting to repair the hatch latch and need to remove the rear interior panel. I have the panel loose except for the plastic recessed panel where you can open the hatch from the inside. It appears that the tri...
Frequent P0410 OBD2. (PAIR) Air pump run ok if relay manually opperated.. Have also changed realy.. ECU fail to energise it... (ECU Energises Vacume soleniod okay sas valve opens) Vacume soleniod operates ok and op...
I am considering buying a used volvo, never had one before. What should I be especially careful or aware of? Is this a good choice? Thanks for any help Robert