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I recently hit a curb going about 25 because i lost control on the icy roads. As i was turning right i went straight to a curb and after that mt right side or front wobbles and makes a scary noise. Anybody know what t...
My skid plate/cover is dragging on ground, what should be the cost to replace it
I was checking some guest before everything.
The noise I hear at most all times sounds IDENTICAL to a car horn being muffled by insulation or towels. Seems to be coming from the firewall side of the engine/compartment. Thanks and sorry for repeat question.
had to have the car jump started, now there is an airbag warning. The car is in the drive way with the lights on, car is off.
what could this be when driving its spitting antifreeze on engine
Light came on to stop car immdeiately
Light came on said "store car immediately"
it seems to happen for no particular reason..can be on a flat smooth road, a bump, or turning...just started afew days ago but seems to be doing it more often already. ive pushed up and down on the front end and cant ...
replaced oil trap, broken eng torque rod. checked drain plug, stick, filter. checked all pan screws. some oil on engine side, most on pan and where trans/eng come together. tried some rear main sealer. helped some. st...
My 2001 S80 has started to show some problems. The automatic transmission finds it difficult to shift into 2nd and 3rd gears and often the rpm goes higher than usual for it to shift successfully. But the problem is er...
i am getting gas and fire from all five coil packs. i changed camshaft sensor.
is common for a flywheel to get replaced on a volvo 2001 s80 or anyother vechiel(broken teeth), how and why.