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camshaft position timing over advance or system performance. how do u fix this problem. cam sensor was change but ECM still showing error cose
I start my volvo and it seems to be running perfect no problems at all.Then once i start driving it for two to three miles the brake failure warning light comes on in the text window recommending to stop the carr asap...
My daughter is away at college with her 1999 Volvo S80. She indicates the car will not start as the key will not turn. I am 1.5 hours away, so I am looking for some places to start my diagnosis. She said it acted t...
When cranking the engine the car seems to start, (e.g. engine sounds running) the RPM needle went up then slowly went down and die for 2,3 time then can't start any more Check all stuffs like fuel (of course full tan...
The head gasket blew in my 1999 volvo s80 and I am trying to find out what the total cost would be to fix the car. i need to know the cost of changing the head gasket parts and labor...
I have no flashers, no control on the stearing, no high beam, no windshield washer. I wanna know where it is in my car and also the price for this part! Thanks
Blower motor for fan not running. Will start up slowly then stop
Have to move the key to accessory and shift into neutral to start the car then I can use reverse and drive.
Headlights and turn signals do not work at all.
I found Hydrocarbon in my water reservoir, dealer said there is no compression in cyl 3, and two others have low compression,dealer told me to replace engine is it true?