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2001 Volvo S60 Question: volvo s60t erratic idle

why does my volvo idle erraticly when engine is hot but is fine when cold also if i turn the steering wheel or put on the ac, runs like a dream forbye that just when i am idling at traffic lights or traffic jam there is no vacume leak could it be the rtm needing cleaned or the maf just had the car serviced any help please -
Answer 1
Several possibilities here. The ETM (Electronic Throttle Module) might be dirty or faulty, the MAF may be bad, or you may have a vacuum leak. If all those are OK it might be something else. Best thing is to check for vacuum leaks, check for trouble codes and diagnose and repair according to the results of these checks. Good Luck -
Comment 1
i have already had a diagnostic check it showed up the faulty maf it was replaced but my car is still doing the same did not show any vacume leak or etm problem would a faulty etm show in the diagnostic test i have added a fuel additive called BG 44K POWER ENHANCER do you think that it would help clean the etm and ignition system thanks he only replaced what the diagnostic test showed thanks -
Comment 2
If the MAF was diagnosed and replaced and the problem still persists, then I would take it back to the shop that performed the work. Have you tried doing this? -
Answer 2
take a look at your oil trap..if bad it will trip codes and erratic idle..i bet the maf is fine.. -