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I was able to pull the gear down to Nuetral and Drive and it will not go back up to park and i cannot get the Key out, what should i do to fix the problem?
i checked all fuses on all 4 fuse boxes. i also changed the turn signal switch. 4 way flashers work wipers and the horn works. i also have no steering wheel controls
The car has now 68750mi on it. And so far so good with electrical parts but the passenger window keep rebelling itself. This what happens: When commanded to close automatically, after the window hit full close it re...
So i recently replaced control arm on passenger side due to worn bushing. I repleaced both front struts as well as ball joints, just as routine maintanance as i do have 160,000 miles on the vehicle. So ealry mornings ...
Just recently noticed, after I had new tires (all 4) put on, when trying to drive up my driveway (steep incline) the car has a thunking noise 3-4 times. This is something totally new with my 2005 S60 AWD Turbo. An...
el veiculo en cuestión patea loscambios asendentes y desendentes
pcv box clogged, it was replaced, w/ all applicaable hoses and line, vehicle consumes 2.5 quarts of oil in 8 days. no visible leaks to explain oil loss. oil leaking oil where charged air hose hits the throttle plate.