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When I first start to drive, RPM's go high, feels sluggish and wont barely go when I accelerate, once warmed up, drives fine. Or if i allow it to warm up b4 I drive, no problem.
starts up fine will run for a minute, then shut off. when i start it back up, I have to keep the RPMs around 2-2.5 or it shuts down.
get a engine high temperature message and gauge is showing hot, but no leakage of coolant and also checked coolant level, it is good. also fan motor running after turn engine off
checked coolant and also cranked and ran, not blowing any steam or running like it is overheating. fan is running after shutdown.
How do you remove the trans lines from the radiator have to replace the radiator Volvo S-60 2002 Thanks
i have changed front wheel bearings but still the same
This week I was driving and somehow I hit the tiptronic so too hard that I broke the rocker arm. The car was reading the tip tronic, but wouldn't lock in D gear, So I drove home in the loose tiptronic, once I got home...
on and it saying that I need Catalic Converter. This is been going on for 4 years now. Within the last year my transmission is slipping between 1st and 2nd gear but once im in 3rd gear it drives fine - Im experencing ...
The problem is sporadic. I was told the alarm siren needed to be replaced at a cost of $614. Is it possible something else could be triggering the problem?