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Problems for specific Volvo S60 years:

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Most reported 2001 Volvo S60 problems


Verified for the Volvo S60

There have been reports of a failed ABS Control Module causing the ABS and Check Engine warning lights to illuminate. Repair or replacement of the failed module will be required to correct this issue.

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Verified for the Volvo S60

Engine oil leaks from the PCV housing and turbocharger oil return line seals have been reported.

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Reported by msjean for the Volvo S60

Had a strong gasoline odor for about a week after last major service. Found out there was an extended warranty on the fuel pump and although my warranty had expired (soonest of 10 years or 150,000 miles) Volvo covered the replacement although it had to be done at dealer and not garage I normally use. Nearest dealership is 41 miles away from where I live. Dealer was very accomodating after checking with Volvo Customer Service but had to have c...

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