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the terminals on my battery were cleaned, and now nothing in the car works no lights and wont turn on. however there is a clicking sound under the passenger side dash and a little light barley flashing???? help
cools for a little while then shuts off or blows hot air.you can cut off a few minutes and then turn back on and its ccol again.
I was at a redlight and about to make a turn and the car just shut off. I did not see any warning lights on just the oil light/ car did come back on/ what should I do? It had never done that before
an my fasher turn on my gas door open on off
putting my key in ignition and trying to start but nothing happens! then i switch ignition off and try again and it works but sometimes it takes 3-4 trys befor it will start??? its a 2.0 diesel volvo s40 55 plate.