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I'd like to know where this fuel pressure regulator is located, and about what it looks like. The Site says it's the fuel pressure regulator or the vacuum line attached to it that is causing it to have starting proble...
I was told car may need a new starter also told it could be the cylinoid. Dont know anything about need help!!!
Just changed my radiator through my intercooler system, and now when i start my car it works fine if my foot stays on the gas but the second i move my foot the car stalls. I had no hang ups in replacing the radiator i...
it is hard to start after it sits for 5-10 mins helps to give it some gas while cranking
My fan motor is not turning off or adjusting the speed that the fan blows.
I hardly drive the Volvo, maybe one month out of the year. Sitting in my garage the whole time. Any suggestion how to maintain my car while sitting in my garage for long period of time? Should I take my battery out...
after a cold start, I hear a rumbling/crackling noise from the left front of the car when the car is moving very slowly (5mph when I don't press the gas and slowly moving forward). I do not hear any noise when going ...
My car takes ti time to start also leaks oil when car heats up
What is a transmission sensor and what does it do and how does it work in the vehcile.
not rough, but can hear engine running while driving not quiet. Is 102K alot of miles for this car? how many miles can I expect before start having problems?