Volvo S80 Problem Report

Volvo S80 Volvo Extends Warranty on ETM Due to High Failure Rate

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The Electronic Throttle Module (ETM) has a higher than normal failure rate. Volvo has extended the warranty on some of the ETMs to 10 years/200,000 miles

I have a 2001 Volvo S80 T6 with 128,000 miles.This car has a problem with the gas pedal. once in a while the gas pedal stops working , if you try to accelerate the gas pedal goes limp. The only way you get the gas pedal to work again is by turning the car off and then on and then its back to normal but its just a matter of time for it to happen again. I have replaced the gas pedal thinking that was going to resolve this problem but it didn't. I will call the dealer and find out if this is a common problem -
Surging without pressing the gas, and pressing the gas and getting no power for a short period. Replaced under the warranty Volvo agreed to extend. -
I have had ETM issues twice, the first time at 120,000 miles, the last time at 220,000 miles. I let the dealer fix it the first time, the 2nd time I 'fixed' it myself. My symptoms were a surging idle. I removed the ETM and cleaned the soot build up. I guess I am too late for the extended waranty so I will continue to cleam my ETM every 100,000 miles. -
EMT failure -
Doors lock and unlock on it's own. Key to the door stopped working. Windows go up and down on it's own. -
I replsced the module -
My car sometimes won't start. Sometimes when I try and start it, the engine will shake and then turn off. The lights on my dash will light up. In order to get my car started again I would have to disconnect the batt err you and then connect it again. -
Lost the power so frequently etm not work properly -
Just missed the warranty when it finally went "bad". I think it was an intermittent problem prior to it setting of a bad code. Bought rebuilt replacement for $600 from Xemodex and repaired myself. -
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