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My car stopped blowing cold air. I bought a can of freon with a gauge on it. I tried to pump the freon in but nothing went in. The compressor is coming on but the freon is not going.
Used remote starer switch while starer is on the car Bendix turns slow want engage. check battery its ok. Check starter fuse ok Change starter relay still no results, i must be overlooking something
this has not ever happened before and I don't have the original manual to tell what this means.
Just bought a 2001 C 70 Convertible about 3 weeks ago. Everything has been great, car is in incredible condition. The low fuel light came on and I immediately refueled. After that it seemed that the engine surged a...
The passenger window wont go up and down and seat doesnt work either and car battery dies sitting over but night has new radiator
get it unstuck. Shoule I use WD40? or graphite? to squirt it into the button.
Trans has been rebuilt by pro with 40 years experience. Codes and goes to limp mode every time I drive over 90 kms/per/hr.Simple reset restores trans.Smooth operation in all other areas. Scope shows SLU soliniod inga...
i read in manual that when service comes on it mean it has exceeded and need reseting
Need new compresor and want to replace it.
Cannot change any function with A/C/ Heat. Replaced the in dashA/C Heat control with no change. Is there a relay or anything that can be checked?
I was trying to lower the convertible top when it stuck 1/2 way down. It will not move either up or down. I'm thinking a blown fuse. The owners manual covers fuse slots 1-36. Convertible slots are 41 and 42. coul...
My 2001 C70 is in the shop for the 4th time for the same problem. Over the last few months when I go to open the top it freezes in the same exact position and will not go up or down. The dealer has changed a sensor, c...
do i have to repair the rack to repair the tierod endins and the balljoint and the bellows or can i just repair those things seperate