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The drivers side power seat on my '96 850 Turbo sedan has taken to moving forward om its own. Is there a simple cure for this? Thanks
When I go to start the car, the hazard lights come on and the car will not start. The battery has plenty of charge and when the car drives its fine. Could this be the starter solenoid that is causing the problem?
When I put the key in to start it up, the hazard lights come on and the car will not start, I checked the battery which has plenty of charge. I'm at a loss
rough idle and have low compression in one cylinder, told looks like burned valve. can I repair this myself using a repair manual. does one burned valve mean rebuild or replace engine?
low compression test and visual inspection suggest a burnout valve in one cylnder. is it reasonable to repair/replace one valve. does this require taking engine/motor apart. is this the kind of repair that if you have...
I can drive my 850 wagon, no problem starting up. Drive it a while, stop, inside temperature sensor registers high. Have to use shift override to get in gear and then it moves a bit and stalls.
I've just started to hear a low frequency noise from the front driver side wheel area. It is not engine related, there is no vibration, and braking appears fine. there is a buzzing like sound from 20mph to 70 mph that...
my mechanic says i need a control arm and then an alignment after....car runs great he says if i turn all the way one way it makes a noise...200,000 miles
blower fan in an 850 GLT will not turn off. Seem to be stuck on high and blowing hot air. Happen all of a sudden. It slowed down some then started blowing strong again. A/C light and Rec light will not come on.
The check engine light comes on at least every six months for no apparent reason. How much does it cost to replace a leaking radiator in a volvo GLT850, 1996?
air cond. leak told upper lower hoses plus possible compressor leak price to repair?
Not having problems, don't have the car yet.I'm trying to find a good dependable used car for my son..I know buying used you shoulde expect to need to do repairs I just trying to find out if the repairs are going to b...
what is radio code thank you