volvo 96 850 will turnover but will not start has coolant coming out of the tailpipe when you try to start it! Coolant light came on and then car shut down while driving! Coolant level in expansion tank was good before trip! Could you please tell me if its a head gasket or water condensation! Thanks!

I need to replace the rear shocks on my Volvo wagon, do I also need to replace the front struts? I live in Queens, NY and the roads are really rutted and bumpy here.

The Engine light went on in my son's car. He took it to the Volvo dealership and they told him it was an rpm sensor (which I have subsequently learned is also called a crank sensor) What is involved in its replacement and what can I expect to pay?

broken upper strut mounts

drivers side seat belt not working. fuse is ok email avis.smothers@gmail.com



even when put in netural the starter does not seem to catch and it takes several tries before it happens

What is the liklihood the catalytic converter has gone out. A new one was just put in 3 1/2 years ago.

i have a 96 volvo 850 turbo i car wont start all the time when it starts i can hear the fuel pump running when it doesnt i cant i other day i check the power to the pump with a simple test light at the wiring harness in the rear of the car near the pump the light didnt light then i put the light on the +an the - on the battery the light lite i have the fuel pump removed and i plugged it back into the wiring harness and the pump ran i tested or power to the pump with the key on i replaced the fuel pump relay already any ideas

The drivers side power seat on my '96 850 Turbo sedan has taken to moving forward om its own. Is there a simple cure for this?



When I go to start the car, the hazard lights come on and the car will not start. The battery has plenty of charge and when the car drives its fine. Could this be the starter solenoid
that is causing the problem?

When I put the key in to start it up, the hazard lights come on and the car will not start, I checked the battery which has plenty of charge. I'm at a loss

rough idle and have low compression in one cylinder, told looks like burned valve. can I repair this myself using a repair manual. does one burned valve mean rebuild or replace engine?

low compression test and visual inspection suggest a burnout valve in one cylnder. is it reasonable to repair/replace one valve. does this require taking engine/motor apart. is this the kind of repair that if you have it all apart that you should replace other worn or defective valves. given the year of the car should I assume that the valves or cylynders are probably due for placement or might the other valves be just fine and regular oil changes and routine maintenance are usually adequate to keep engine going another 100,000km. I am just buyng this car and I am aware has one valve needing replacement due to rough idling, its a 6 cylinder, does this suggest that there may be a bigger proble that might have caused the valve to burn out. I was also told that it needs about 1 litre oil per1000 km but no oil leaks or smoking observed.