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My vehicle has 275000 miles on it, usually runs great, it was pouring down rain on the freeway and started bogging down. Could it be water in my gas? Used a new cheap gas 2 days prior.
Struggling with putting cars in reversed, never use to a problem?
I have check fuse (good) ,Swap out the fan relay with another (No change).Q? can it be a defective ECT sensor.Can this cause the fan not to switch ?
I was told there are rings to change. Is that the case? If so what do I have to do?
Can a Throttle Pedal Sensor be cleaned in a 95 Volvo 850? Or can it be adjusted? Or does it need to be replaced. OBDII error code read PO120 and PO122.
Trying to find the coolant sensor on a 95 Volvo 850 2.4 engine
I'm wondering if it's worth installing a performance chip (such as the ones from Performance Chips Direct) on this car. The claims of increased HP and fuel econ. are impressive. Too good to be true? Thanks
I just bought this car. It needed new tires and a wheel alignment, as well as new tie rods. I had this done, and the car handles very well now, but I am concerned about a more-or-less constant rattling/squeaking comin...
There is a small "box" in r front corner of motor, it contains 2 "modules" of some sort but there is room for a 3rd. How many should there be? Also an accordion hose that comes from it that appears to attach to the ...
I started my car and the check engine light came on. I had just driven it with no problems less than 40 mins before. when I turned the car off it sounded like it was still running like a fan or something was still on ...
My volvo starts to hesitate or stall while accelerating down the road. Acts like its sputtering when I give it gas.