Volvo 2001 C70 Trans codes p0740 and p1618.Aw55-50SN on 2001 Volvo C70

Trans has been rebuilt by pro with 40 years experience.
Codes and goes to limp mode every time I drive over 90 kms/per/hr.Simple reset restores trans.Smooth operation in all other areas. Scope shows SLU soliniod ingagement and holding threw range. Shows consistantly, a sharp movement in the SLT soliniod just before limp mode kicks in. Accurs only at speed.Seems to be getting a reduced duty cycle signal from the TCM suddenly at this point. SLT is Listed as Normally Open. Looking for help with the next step. Cheers

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Hi Rushy3

Magnus here from Stockholm.
I got the same problem that you had.

Did you find a solution for this problem? If so what do i need to do to fix this problem.

My car is a c70 year 2001 autogearbox with aprox 43000miles.

Thx Magnus Andersson Stockholm Sweden