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1994 Ford F-150 Question: Volts Gauge is reading 18 volts

My volt gauge is reading 18 volts all of the time. I replaced the altenator and voltage regulator and it still reads 18 volts. Power door locks recently stopped working and I am concerned if it continue to run at such a high voltage I will begin to have more problems. -
Answer 1
don't rely on your dash volt meter to be accurate. test the actual voltage with a real volt meter. -
Answer 2
If you have an external voltage regulator, clean the grounds. Replace the pigtail that plugs into the alternator. Then replace the pigtail that goes to your regulator if the problem persists. -
Answer 3
I had the same problem turns out their was a service bulletin for the alternator connector to the wiring harness..I have had two alternators catch on fire.and just replaced a third one, connector fries the altornator but.... there is still-- and you may have the same problem. ... a short somewhere else actually sucking your power and it is not going to be easy to find... you my be having a little issue with your lights dimming at times and the voltage dropping BELOW normal when you turn on the heater as well.?. I need an answer too... you may also have a recall on the cruise control -