voltage regulator on 1997 Plymouth Voyager

my battery light keeps going on where is the voltage regulator?

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The voltage regulator is internal to the engine's processor.

The processor works with the alternator to provide proper vehicle voltage.

The battery light is probably coming on due to lower amperage and voltage because of a faulty alternator. Check here first.
IAlready checked the alternator it is charging my checks out fine as well I am really at a loss I was told something about a battery temperature sensor but moons seems to what that is any idea thank
The battery light can only come on due to low amperage or voltage, or a faulty wiring connector/wiring that leads to the instrument cluster from the alternator electrical connector.

Anything else is not a valid cause.

Testing the charging system, you should have a peak amperage of probably 50-80 amps at 2000 RPM, and peak voltage of about 13.9 - 14.4 at 2000 RPM. If both figures are not in those ranges, you have an alternator issue.