Voltage regulator on 1993 BMW 318i

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where is located and how to remove the voltage regulator from a 1993 bmw 318i, please add a photo or video, I was told that is attach to the alternator but I just can't see it, also, what tool do I need. Thank you.
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You need to remove the alternator, then remove the back cover plate from it. The voltage regulator is under the plate, secured by two bolts.
We can't post pics or video files here. Try a search on youtube.

Thank you for your reply Zee, if you could help me out with this last question would be great,...Good could you please let me know where is the exact location of the ground strap is on a 1993 bmw e36, photo or link would be great, or there are two?,. thank you
There are different locations for grounds. Are you talking about the engine's ground?
You can find great repair manuals with step-by-step instructions, diagrams, parts locations and other important information here:
Or here:
You can find ground locations and wiring diagrams.

Yes, the engine's ground, those links charge, and I'm really broke now, so if you can tell me, would be grear. Thank You very much, I truely appreciated ;0)