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My Vw Touareg R5 have a light Jerk under load in 4th 5th and 6th at low revs. Can anyone perhaps assist? Thanks
My car sometime can't start, leave 2 or 3hrs will start.i test the battery its good, no any warning signal shows up, is this starter broken?
when driving my vehicle at a low speed usually in a parking lot it makes a loud clunking noise when turning into a stall or corner, I have it looked at and for some reason it does not do it to the mechanic. I have not...
I have a VW Touareg V6, 2005; some time ago my check engine light came on. I received a reading from Autozone and was informed it was my O2 sensors. Months later I took "Touarie" to a mechanic and explained the issue ...
dick hannah got one key kind of working- opens doors only second one says not set up for car.
It's almost like a ringtone type of sound it seems to be coming from the passenger side of the vehicle it was only doing for a few miles of driving now it is extending purchased this car only a few days ago
do i have to remove the timing belt
Does anyone knows how to reset the sunroof for a 2005 VW Touareg? I had the sunroof open for several hours (3-4 hrs), when I tried to closed it did not worked. I opened the panel and manually closed the sunroof.Now i...
i'm from lebanon, & i need (ABS) control module for touareg 2005. can u help me please
I need a new drive shaft how much should it be?
vehicle running hot
My transmission is slipping a little can this just be an adjustment or is it because I have 70K miles on it and had never had a transmission fluid change