Dealership wants $2,200 to replace the POD. Any other options besides a dealership to do this work?

It comes on sometimes and doesn't sometimes. Does it depend on coldness in climate or what?

it has a 2.5l engine and is a USA version.

Head light was burned out. This activated the warning light. Head light bulb was changed, light won't go out.

I have recently bought a diesel 2.0 bluemotion Passat.It is my first diesel and first 6 gear car. While it is a great drive, I have TWICE stalled it while driving on main roads while changing gear. Both times, I have managed to pull in to the side but am concerned if this happened on a motorway. The car is under warranty but I bought it privately and am reluctant to take it to a VW garage yet [I will contact the previous owner] The manual does not mention this problem