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It's a car and on the right side of the cars there seems to be what looks to be a little light bulb
I took the car to the mechanic shop they told me there are no leaks. When he car is turned on the smell of gas comes through the air conditioner vents.The engine light is on. What could this be ?
Driver side window goes down but makes a noise but will only go back up half way.
for standard mountain time
want to change heater core and engine mounts is requested to be replaced also
Just had the waterpump replace by VW dealer. Now the A/C compressor engages, but blows hot air as soon as you turn it on, then the next time you start the car it may blow cold air from the start. When driving it will ...
When the dealer shop replaced my left front CV boot, they said that they notice a problem with caliper stuck which has caused brake pad wear and estimated $1095 + tax charge
coils burnt up twice replaced then did it for the 3rd time took to where i bought the car they replaced the coils started it up and now the wireing harness and the ecu are burnt up it it because of the coils they are...
For the past several days I've noticed my passat wagon makes an electronic sounding beeping noise after it has been driven. It cannot be heard from inside the car, only from the outside. It sounds as if it is coming...
I want to change the ignition coils for my 2005 VW Passat, it's the 4 cylinder 1.8L 4 door model. How many ignition coils are there in the car and how do I change them?
what does it mean when a light comes on that has a car on it with a bolt?
where is the fuse box?